Renessence combines science and Spirituality to enable self-optimiSation

About us

We have dared to bring science x spirit where science has not commonly been invited, to dialogue one-on-one with ancient wisdom. We blend the two to provide radical and profound forms of self-restoration and self-preservation. Because we believe that in order to truly heal we must treat the body as a whole, as an ecosystem, with cells, skin, thoughts, feelings, energy, and spirit. At Renessence, we offer an extensive list of services, treatments, classes, workshops, and talks meant to revitalise each element in that ecosystem, on a physical and spiritual level.

Our pioneering treatments and therapies are inspired by the four elements of nature; air, water, fire, and earth, and are designed to restore, enhance and expand human potential. We provide treatments such as oxygen and hydrogen therapy (air), cryotherapy (water), infrared sauna (fire), and grounding yoga and meditation classes (earth). 

Our sole goal is to help people reconnect with their true essence by taking care of their bodies and minds first. That is what we call rebirth.

This is preventive, regenerative, high-tech yet wholesome, wellbeing. 

 That invites you to Remember Your Future.

To look at wellbeing from every unimaginable angle


Our approach. Scientific & Spirit.

Science and spirit, spirit and science. Some might say that these are extreme opposites who do not and should not speak to one another. We, on the other hand, believe in dialogue and evolution, in using the best of both worlds, from the old and the new, where high-tech and ancient medicine collaborate side by side to deliver personalised, ingenious, long-term healthcare solutions.

There is so much knowledge and wisdom to be explored from ancestral practices and modern science. This is why we have developed methods backed by doctors, healers, physical therapists, psychologists, and astrologists.

We have created a space that is neither a spa, nor a hospital, nor a gym, nor a meditation center, but a unique ecosystem of its own where distinct, contrasting healing methods are fused and therefore, enriched.


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