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What are the benefits of Blood Analysis?

What is it?

We offer a range of laboratory testing blood analysis by our doctors available to book at our space or at your home. With the preventive health examinations you gain insight into the state of your organs, vitamin values ​​and energy level. For this we will collect a blood sample at your home or work. This is analyzed in our laboratory, after which you receive an insightful results report. One of our doctors will provide tailor-made advice during a personal telephone conversation. This advice is based on the questionnaire about your lifestyle and the laboratory results.

What do we test for?

Based on this advice, you can opt for a coaching program in which a concrete action plan for health improvement will be written. You will be professionally guided and after approximately 6 months a follow-up examination is planned to measure your health again and to assess whether your goals have been achieved.

Total Health € 499
Energy stress € 399
Vitamins and minerals € 349
Vital organs €  299


Energy Stress

€ 399,-

Total Health

€ 499,-

Vital organs

€ 299,-

Vitamins and minerals

€ 349,-