Massages &

Remedial bodywork

Alternative therapies that will help you unblock energetic tensions and relieve pain

What are the benefits of our massages?

What type of massages and bodywork therapies do we offer?

Bodywork Treatments are a series of therapies found in alternative medicine which focus on treating and healing the body as a whole, from the root, as opposed to only treating an injury or condition as it arises, like it is usually done in Western medicine. Some of the Bodywork Treatments we offer are lymphatic drainage, somatic sessions, nano therapy, acupuncture, cupping, restorative massage.

Bodywork therapies

We take care of our bodies through exercise, visits to the doctor and eating well, but what are we doing to take care of our minds, to take care of our spirits?  Our bodywork therapies are transformative; they help to overcome trauma, make the unconscious conscious and find our barriers so we can unblock them. Through Somatic Therapy, Reiki, Energy Healing or Breathwork, you can rewire your mind and body and find your true essence.

Understanding the body is key to understanding ourselves inside and out – our physical beings hold so much wisdom. Connect to yourself and explore self-healing with our bodywork therapies.


Unwind, destress, recharge. Our suite of relaxing, restorative massage therapies are ideal if you need to recentre and return to your true essence. Renessence’s massage therapists incorporate philosophies and techniques from both East and West to craft balanced, multisensory experiences. In 25, 50 or 75 minutes, you will release tension, begin healing and reset from tip to toe.


Renessence massages & remedial body work therapies are provided in our peaceful and quiet sanctuary space where you can retreat, unwind, undo, recharge and return to your true essence.


25 min.

€ 50,-

50 min.

€ 90,-

75 min.

€ 125,-

Couples Massage

50 min.

€ 180,-