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What are the benefits of Studio classes?

What is it?

Discover our selection of transformative well-being classes and workshops. From various styles of infrared hot yoga, to breath-work, meditation and our uniquely designed, only available here: body breath & ice bath classes all led by our highly skilled expert teachers.

Whether you are only looking to move or reset your body, stretch out your toxins, feel liberated, have a cathartic experience, listen to your emotional needs, discover and develop your physical and mental strength, expand your flexibility and mobility, or simply take a pause, our peaceful, candle-lit studio classes will allow you to tap into all these different intentions. 

What should I expect from a session?

We offer different types of mindfulness and meditation classes as well as pilates and yoga. Depending on your needs and desires you can explore those which involve more physical movement, strengthening and/or stretching, or more static variations which focus mostly on breathwork. 

Our sessions are held in both brightly-lit and dark, candle-lit infrared heated spaces, so get ready to sweat. Each session is 45 minutes long.

Ignite your Inner Fire: Infrared Hot Yoga Power 34°

As much as we believe in deep rest and relaxation, we also need and encourage the fiery intensity and consciously active movement of our Hot Yoga Power class to Ignite your Inner Fire.

A powerful release for the physical and emotional body, this 45- Minute class of vinyasa-based signature sequences created by our skilled teachers, will allow you to reconnect to your inner flame, release toxins & stagnant energy and develop strength and flexibility.

This class is suitable for all levels.

Restorative Infrared Hot Yoga 26°

Time to reset. Our 60-minute Restorative class is designed to help you ground, rest, and deeply restore.

During this class, one of our highly skilled and intuitive teachers will gently guide you through stretches, ancient breathing techniques, and meditation. With the use props such as blocks, bolsters, and meditation pillows, you will be supported through a variety of postures, allowing you to release long-stored tensions, traumas and stresses within the body and spirit.

We highly recommend this class if you are recovering from injuries, dealing with anxiety and burn-out or simply as a sacred moment to check in with yourself as often as needed.

Restorative Yoga & Gong Bath 26°

Through interweaving restorative yoga with meditation, deep relaxation, and sound healing, a safe space is created for you to dive inwards. To come home to your true essence and cultivate a deeper sense of embodiment and connection within. This class will create a space for you to connect back to into your body, heart and mind, recalibrating and harmonising your entire system through the healing frequencies of the gong.

Join Tatjana for this gentle yet powerful class to surrender and deeply heal.

Yin Yoga & Aromatherapy

Through yoga, meditation, and the ancient practice of aromatherapy you will be tenderly invited to meet the intricate landscapes of your inner world and connect back to your heart. A powerful class that will allow you to let go of stress, anxiety, and agitation and leave your body and spirit feeling nourished.  

Besides the multitude of therapeutic benefits associated with essential oils such as improved sleep quality, bodily aches, and boosted immunity we particularly recommend this class to promote deep relaxation and to unwind at the end of a busy day.

Infrared Hot Yoga Flow 32°

Like nature we are in a constant state of flow which is how we believe life is best lived. This 45-minute vinyasa class practiced in our candle-lit infrared studio invites you to tune in with yourself and explore and expand your limits.

The sequences taught in our Flow classes have an emphasis on body/breath awareness and the biomechanics of movement and are therefore beautifully fitting for all levels as the focus is on moving in flow rather than simply moving fast.

Body Breath Ice Bath

Embody the limitless powers of breath and embrace the transformational powers of cold exposure.

We designed a class that combines movement, stretching and active breathing to prepare the body & mind to submerge into an ice bath. The preparatory exercises guided by one of our knowledgeable instructors enable you to free up space within yourself to recenter and welcome

the full effect of cold exposure leaving you re-charged, clear-headed, and grounded.  A powerful start to the day or a reviving lunch break.

For this class it is required to bring swimwear. Towels and bathrobes, as well as access to our groom bar is included in your class purchase.

Alchemize Your Energy

Join Jewel Mondros in our sacred space and allow us to take you on a one-hour, deeply relaxing journey to support and expand your energy & aura, connect with yourself and release energetic blockages. Through the power of Reiki and visualisation, we are able alchemise lower frequency energies like fear, stress, guilt or shame into the high vibration energies of love, gratitude, acceptance and healing both in the mind and body.

Expect to leave feeling calm, relaxed cleansed, open to the flow of life, and considering yourself in a new and expansive way. Tending to our energy is an essential part of our overall well-being and health.

Breath & Meditation

Breath & Meditation is a playful and relaxing 45-minute meditation class that transitions through breathwork and somatic techniques designed to cleanse your energy and leave you clear-headed before dropping into a deeper guided visualization and meditation.

A gentle and inviting practice for beginners as well as those with previous meditation experience

Sanctum at Renessence

A cathartic workout experience that empowers the body and expands the mind. A 50-min holistic moving sequence that puts in balance your physical body with the mind and the spirit. Routed in multidisciplinary forms of physical conditioning like modern fitness, with elements of HIIT workout, kundalini, martial art, breath work and functional movement. All garnished with the most powerful music.


Move, reset, liberate, take a pause.

All our well-being studio classes are 45 minutes & can be booked privately

2 classes

€ 18,-

5x package

€ 85,-

Unlimited Monthly

€ 100,-

Unlimited Yearly

€ 1.320,-

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