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Our vision

Our vision is to look at well-being from every unimaginable angle, from the physical to the mental to the spiritual.

This all-encompassing approach means that our list of treatments, studio classes, and services is extensive and ever-expanding.

Our list stretches from state-of-the-art technologies in renowned hospitals and medical centers worldwide to more gentle, tactile bodywork therapies such as hot yoga, breathwork, acupuncture, and energy healing. 

What is the Explorer Package?

Discover all our remedial Tech Therapies & a Well-Being Studio Class in a single Explorer Package. To be booked at your own convenience either separately or in combination with one another.

1x Hydroxy Oxygen Therapy 50 Min – age reversing, immune-boosting, improves concentration & memory

1x Cryotherapy – reduces inflammation, relieves pain, accelerates muscle recovery

1x Sensory Deprivation Therapy (floating) 60 Min – relieves stress detoxifying, improves sleep

1x Private Infrared & Chromo Light Sauna 25 Min – mood boosting, detoxifying, speeds up the body’s recovery process

1x Audio Guided Ice Bath Session – boosts mental health, accelerates muscle recovery, prevents bodily pains


Explorer Package

€ 150,-