Infrared Sauna &

Light therapy

Welcome in the light, feel its warmth from within,

and let it help you release toxins, heavy metals and 

anything else that no longer serves you

What are the benefits of Infrared Sauna?

What is it?

Like in most of our therapies, we focus on treating the body from the internal first and then work our way outwards. Infrared therapy is no exception. Instead of exposing the body to external heat, we use infrared light to tenderly penetrate the skin and increase our core body temperature from within. This activates our cells and propels our metabolism, leading our sweat glands to perspire and release toxins and pollutants. Prepare to sweat, cleanse and purify not from your pores, but all the way from your cells.

Not all infrared saunas are made equal. We only work with the most advanced and effective technologies in all our treatments. We use Sunlighten’s patented Solocarbon heating technology and Clearlight Sauna, two of the most renowned brands within infrared saunas worldwide.

What should I expect from a session?

So much thought has been put into our saunas, from a sustainability aspect, to how Zen and calming they should feel. Our saunas are intimate spaces that are also made of eco-friendly, non-toxic wood and glue, which produce verified low VOC and use low EMF heating technology. 

Our saunas are only meant for private, not public, use. We have two types of saunas, for individual use and for pairs in the case you would like to bring a friend, family member, or partner for a collective purifying session. You can remove the bench in the sauna to do yoga or you can book a private lesson with a trainer who will guide you from the outside of the space whilst you remain on the inside. However, if all you feel like doing is not moving at all and connecting with the heat you can simply rest or gently massage tight or sore muscles for extra relief. Cool filtered water will be provided in the sauna, so there is no need for you to bring a bottle with you

What do I need to do before a session?

To achieve the best results, infrared light waves need to be able to penetrate the skin without superficial obstructors such as makeup, creams, lotions, sunscreen, deodorant, antiperspirants, or any other substances that might cover the skin. We also recommend avoiding showers and baths before going into the sauna, as moisture on the skin may also block infrared light.

Staying hydrated before and after each session is very important as you will lose a lot of fluids due to perspiration.

How long is each session?

You can choose between sessions of 25 mins, 50 mins, or 75 mins.
Our therapies have been designed so that you can accommodate a session whenever it suits you best, be it during a lunch break, early in the morning, or later in the evening to finish off your day.

How often do you recommend doing it?

You are invited to come as often as you like for a purifying session. Infrared technology is such a gentle way of healing the body that you can easily add it to your wellbeing routine on a regular basis. All you have to do is listen to the needs and desires of your body and mind in order to decide.


Lifts mood, Detox and Improves sleep.

All infrared sauna & light therapy sessions are bookable for 25 & 50 min.


Unlimited Monthly

€ 110,-

3 Pack

€ 50,-

Single treatment

€ 25,-