Reconnect to Your

true essence

Our vision is to look at wellbeing from every unimaginable angle, from the physical to the mental to the spiritual.

Our vision

This all-encompassing approach means that our list of treatments, studio classes, and services is extensive and ever-expanding. Our list stretches from state-of-the-art technologies used in renowned hospitals and medical centers around the world to more gentle, tactile bodywork therapies such as hot yoga, breathwork, acupuncture, and energy healing. 

We work to restore, enhance and expand human potential and provide people with a space to reconnect with their true essence which is why we are constantly researching and diving deeper to make sure we are at the forefront of next-level health and wellbeing. 

It doesn’t matter how new or well-versed in the world of deep self-restoration you might be. We are aware that some of our technologies might feel slightly intimidating due to their intricate scientific titles and that some of you reading this for the first time might be curious to understand them better. But don’t worry, here is a detailed description of each one of our services to answer all your questions. 

State of the art tech therapies

Our pioneering therapies and services are inspired by the four elements of nature; air, water, fire, and earth, and are designed to restore, enhance and expand human potential.

Oxygen Hydroxy Therapy

Regenerate your cells, skin, mind, and organs with the same element that gives us life.


Immerse yourself in sub-zero temperature to activate your immune system in a matter of minutes.

Sensory Deprivation Therapy (float)

Float, levitate, and let go of everything.

Private Infrared Sauna & Chromo (light) therapy

Welcome in the light, feel its warmth from within, and let it help you release toxins, heavy metals and anything else that no longer serves you.

Ice Bath Therapy

Cold therapy will rehabilitate your mind, your muscles, and your immune system.


Our services are given in our peaceful and quiet sanctuary space where you can retreat, unwind, undo, recharge and return to your true essence. 

Massages & Bodywork

Relax. Undo. Recharge. Close your eyes and let our highly trained therapists feel what your body, muscles, soul and spirit needs. Reconnecting you to your true essence.

Reflexology/Footrub Lounge

Reflexology is a massage method that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet, hands, and ears.

Hot yoga & well-being classes

At our infrared hot yoga & well-being studio we offer everything from various hot yoga classes to body, breath and ice bath classes as well as healing and magical meditation classes.

IV Vitamin Infusion

IV Infusion is the most effective and efficient method of delivering vitamins and supplements to the body.

Blood analysis

IV Infusion is the most effective and efficient method of delivering vitamins and supplements to the body.

Studio classes

Breathe, move, sweat, go inwards, in a dark room gently illuminated by candles.


Gift cards

Give your nearest and dearest, the most wonderful gift of all: health, care and total well being. 

Recharge food café

We should treat our bodies with tenderness, and that starts with how we eat.