At Renessence we recharge, rebalance and revive from your essence, your inner self.  As an addition to our treatments and studio classes, you can enrich your experience and daily lifestyle with beautiful products from our high-end partners.



Defined in Nature, refined by Science. EmerginC has three lines, the emerginC signature line, the Scientific Organics line and the rawceuticals line. With the second, emerginC meets the growing demand for a truly effective green product.

EmerginC is one of the few organic brands on the market that is allowed to carry the certificate cosmeceutical; and thus has a pharmaceutical effect.

EmerginC does not use any ingredients that could be harmful to humans or nature. The products contain no parabens, no artificial colorants and fragrances, are never tested on animals, are packaged in recycled cardboard and printed with non-toxic ink.

Skins Cosmetics​

With an exclusive and selective range of products, Skins cosmetics aims to broaden and enrich your world, as well as inspire you to find new creations and all-time favourites. Each brand is selected with care and specialism, with an eye on sustainability, the finest ingredients, innovation and renewal. 


Mauli is a celebration of love, nature, tradition, and all that makes life meaningful and worth honouring. Formulated with the healing power of Ayurvedic plant medicine and Aromatherapy; Mauli seeks out the finest methods and ingredients for those who respect the power of nature.


A Parisian House of Organic Cosmetics, that dates back to the 1920’s. One of the first cosmetic brands to be certified organic, with unique fragrances and textures with a unique vision of beauty.


Developing organic products you’ll love wearing every day. Every formula is crafted with at least 70% certified organic ingredients.  

Beauty Disrupted​

Determined to create better and cleaner alternatives for beauty products, Beauty Disrupted’s products are free of plastic and harsh ingredients. Instead, each bar contains a careful selection of gentle ingredients, organic fragrances and oils known for their moisturising and nourishing properties. Beauty Disrupted donates 20% of profits to non-profit organisations that protect the planet and combat climate change.  

Inner Compass​

Inner Compass cards pair modern aesthetic with ancient philosophy to create simplicity for our scattered and over-complicated monkey minds. By pulling a card at random, your subconscious is able to react and respond intuitively creating a dynamic space for reflection and release. 

Dr. Vranjes ​

For over 35 years, Dr. Vranjes’ vision fuels work, inspiring to create lush fragrances that don’t simply dress up space, but also reimagine what it can be. Spaces can become real sensory experiences, thanks to the magic atmosphere of these fragrances.


Feel welcome to our circle of well-being, where we invite you to recharge, rebalance and revive.  Right in Amsterdam’s high-end business district, Renessence offers treatments to reconnect with your true essence from within. An open space that feels endless, with high ceilings and a wide set-up where you can take care of your mental and physical well-being. Withdraw for a moment and focus on self-care with one of our pioneering tech treatments. Or connect at our grand sofa and reflect on your day.   

Renessence indicates your true essence, who you truly are as a foundation of your own life. Dare to discover your reflection and fuel your body and soul. Expand your view of working out and relaxing with our extensive list of treatments and classes that originated from spirit and are substantiated by tech and science. They’ve been scientifically researched to enrich your life, renew your cells and rejuvenate from the inside out – which brings us back to your true essence. 

Unwind with a massage, a floating session or oxygen hydroxy treatment. Rebalance with the heat of a private infrared sauna and the cold of an ice bath. Flourish and fully revive with a cryotherapy session, by attending a studio yoga class or just enjoy our circle of well-being.

Our open space finds balance with natural materials, combined with stainless steel which refers to our highly valuated tech.  


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