What are the benefits of Somatic Therapy?

What is it?

Somatic therapy is based on the notion that what happens to you in your life is stored not only in your mind but also in your body. It focuses on both the physical sensations in your body and the open discussion of your problems. Somatic therapy uses body-centered modalities such as 

dance, breathwork, and meditation to help patients heal and release stress, tension, and trauma, rather than only resolving problems verbally like in traditional psychotherapy. 


Somatic therapy helps us get in touch with our bodies and work through suppressed emotions, which is why it has been used to treat people who have experienced trauma or abuse. The word “trauma” can vary in context. It could mean the trauma caused by a traumatic event such as physical illness, an accident, or abuse to the trauma-induced from a mental condition. Those who have experienced trauma can usually feel its side effects on a physical level in the shape of headaches, nausea, and body aches. This shows us how the emotional is so tightly linked to the physical. 


People with PTSD in particular can greatly benefit from this form of therapy as well as people experiencing depression, anxiety, substance use disorder, relationship issues, and other mental health disorders. 

What should I expect from a session?

We know that for most of us baring our souls and speaking our truth about our emotions, pains and traumas can be quite intimidating, which is why having the right support system and guidance is key in this process of opening up and letting go. Our therapists are certified specialists who will make you feel safe, heard, and supported. They will provide you with self-healing tools so that you are able to cope with and react to emotional distress through specific corporal techniques in your everyday life outside our studio.

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How to prepare?

You will be an active partner in the session. You might move through different positions – sitting, lying, or standing. It’s best to wear comfortable clothes, and you may choose to keep less or more clothing on, according to your comfort level.

If possible, avoid eating anything heavy two hours before your session. If this is your first Somatic Session with Amanda, we’d recommend you keep a light schedule following your first session.

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Single treatment

€ 30,-


5x package

€ 100,-


Unlimited Monthly

€ 100,-


Unlimited Yearly

€ 1.100,-