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We combine science x spirit using state of the art technologies and ancient wisdom to restore, enhance and expand human potential 

Our Story

Renessence is a space for radical self care and deep healing. Our unique integrated well-being ecosystem of services, therapies, programs, classes and products will revolutionise your health and happiness and will empower you to be the greatest version of yourself. 




Our Space

At our beautifully designed space in Amsterdam, The Netherlands we focus on the physical, mental, spiritual and one’s overall well-being. Backed by science, doctors, healers, physical therapists, psychologists, and astrologists. Through the integration of preventive paramedical care, ancient methods, modern high-tech state of the art equipment and expert guidance we at Renessence deliver personal ingenious long term well-being care that works.


Balance is one of the fundamental laws of our planet and of life. Our own system, just like nature is continuously busy in a state trying to achieve it in order to survive. At Renessence we enable and assist you not to survive but to restore, reconnect, rejuvante and to thrive.

Our Services are based on the four elements of nature; air, water, fire and earth and will enable your to experience effective, efficient, life lasting beneficial change on a mind, physical and deep cellular and spiritual level.

Classes & Workshops

Discover our selection of transformative well-being classes and workshops. From various styles of infrared hot yoga, our uniquely designed, only available here: body breath & ice bath classes and guided meditation and visualisations all led by our highly skilled expert teachers. Set in our peaceful, candle lit well-being studio.


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Discover Renessence

Discover all our remedial Tech Therapies & a Well-Being Studio Class in a single Explorer Package. To be booked at your own convenience either separately or in combination with one another.

Explorer package

€ 150,-

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