Welcome to our circle of well-being to recharge, rebalance and revive by connecting with your true essence.


Regenerate on a cellular level, accelerate healing processes and reduce pain by delivering a high amount of oxygen into the body.

From €40/session

Deep healing benefits in sub-zero temperatures by boosting endorphins and reducing inflammation with our whole-body cryotherapy chamber.


Create a sensation of zero gravity, allowing total decompression of the neck and spine. Relieves stress, improves sleep, and reduces blood pressure.

We offer both closed and open floating services. Open float is suitable for 2 persons.

From €75/session

Feel the warmth from within. Activate your cells and release toxins or anything else that no longer serves you.

From €25/session

Ice bath therapy is incredibly effective for muscle recovery, a true energy booster, and significantly improves your mental well-being.


Unwind, destress and recharge with a massage in our suite of relaxation. Release tension, begin healing, and recharge from tip to toe.


Reflexology involves applying various amounts of pressure and will be based on the specific needs of your body. Improves digestion, self-healing, alleviates stress and anxiety.





(25 min)


(25 min)
(60 min)

Unwind and take time to fuel your body and soul with our Recharge Package. Embrace warmth, relieve stress, and soothe muscles whilst charging your inner well-being.



(50 min)
(25 min)
Ice bath
(15 min)

Find balance in your well-being and accelerate healing with the Rebalance Package. Speed up recovery and healing processes, and significantly boost your energy levels.



Cryotherapy or Icebath
(10 min)
(25 min)

Focus on your well-being to flourish with our Revive Package. A cold therapy of your preference to boost endorphins combined with infrared sauna & chromo (light) therapy.

Wait for 30 minutes between your cryo and sauna sessions.



All five tech treatments

(total of 155 min)

Explore all the tech treatments that Renessence has to offer, in one single package: Ice Bath, Cryotherapy, Floating, Infra-red Sauna, and Oxygen Hydroxy Therapy.




Massage, Sauna or Floating


Orchid Stem Cell Renewal Facial

Treat yourself to cutting-edge natural cosmeceuticals to help nourish skin paired with one of our luxury services with the Orchid package. Embrace the warmth, and relieve stress. All services in this package include an upper body massage.

Starting from



Well-being Studio Class

(10 min)
(25 min)

Focus on your well-being with our Yoga Package. A Well-being Studio Class of your choice paired with a 25 minute infrared sauna session.



Regenerate on a cellular level and accelerate healing with Oxygen Hydroxy Therapy. A more focused mind and energized to take on the world.

3 x 50 mins Oxygen
Membership month 50 Oxygen

Year membership


Also known as Sensory Deprivation therapy allows total decompression and creates a sensation of zero gravity.

3 x 60 mins Float


Membership month 60 Float


Year membership


Recharge in your own private infrared sauna to soothe sore muscles, fuel your body and accelerate your metabolism.
3 x 25 mins Infrared


Membership month 25 Infrared


Year membership


Significantly build your immunity, stretch your boundaries, and boost your endorphins.

3 x 10 mins Ice Bath


Membership month 10 Ice Bath


Year membership



Feel welcome to our circle of well-being, where we invite you to recharge, rebalance and revive.  Right in Amsterdam’s high-end business district, Renessence offers treatments to reconnect with your true essence from within. An open space that feels endless, with high ceilings and a wide set-up where you can take care of your mental and physical well-being. Withdraw for a moment and focus on self-care with one of our pioneering tech treatments. Or connect at our grand sofa and reflect on your day.   

Renessence indicates your true essence, who you truly are as a foundation of your own life. Dare to discover your reflection and fuel your body and soul. Expand your view of working out and relaxing with our extensive list of treatments and classes that originated from spirit and are substantiated by tech and science. They’ve been scientifically researched to enrich your life, renew your cells and rejuvenate from the inside out – which brings us back to your true essence. 

Unwind with a massage, a floating session or oxygen hydroxy treatment. Rebalance with the heat of a private infrared sauna and the cold of an ice bath. Flourish and fully revive with a cryotherapy session, by attending a studio yoga class or just enjoy our circle of well-being.

Our open space finds balance with natural materials, combined with stainless steel which refers to our highly valuated tech.  


George Gershwinlaan 520, 1082 MT Amsterdam, The Netherlands

*Entrance next to Gustav Mahlerlaan 997

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