Oxygen & Hydroxy


Regenerate your cells, skin, mind and organs with the same element that gives us life. 

What are the benefits of Oxygen Hydroxy Therapy?

What is it?

Oxygen is key to human existence, it is our main energy source. As we take it in we literally breathe new life into our bodies. Imagine what it would be like to absorb an extra dose of that “new life”? Oxygen therapy allows us to do that. It delivers high amounts of oxygen to the body’s tissues which then travels further through the blood plasma and the lymphatic system. The hyperbaric hydroxy chamber uses the oxygen in the room and then compresses it which then increases the amount of oxygen in your body by 35%. This replenishment of oxygen helps increase stamina, combat stress, and accelerate recovery. 

A unique thing about Hydroxy Oxygen therapy, in particular, is that it delivers a combination of both oxygen and hydrogen. These two elements make a healing power duo when used simultaneously in this way. Hydrogen complements the regenerative qualities of oxygen by removing free radicals from the body, helping prevent disease, and significantly delaying the visual signs of aging. This is anti-aging done from the root, beyond skin-deep, starting from the rejuvenation of our own cells.

After a single session, you will leave with better mental acuity and a more focused mind, feeling energised and rested to take on the world.

What should I expect from a session?

Blissful relaxation is what you should expect for the most part. You will start by lying down inside the Oxygen Hydroxy chamber. Then, we will provide you with a comfortable pillow and blanket.  You can choose to close your eyes, follow a guided meditation or listen to a podcast, whatever feels more soothing for you.  

Our chambers are not only spacious, but they have a glass roof and are placed on a mezzanine by high windows, which allows you to look into the sky and get lost in its wondrous beauty. The experience and space surrounding the chamber feel rather spacious, open, and inviting. However, in the unlikely case that you might feel uncomfortable or claustrophobic inside one of them, don’t worry, you can always stop the session at your convenience.

What do I need to do before a session?

For the most part, all you need to do is bring yourself and come as you are. You can come in your suit, dress, yoga outfit, or whatever was accessorizing your body before your arrival. There is no need to change or go into the locker room for this one, when we said “come as you are”, we really meant it.

The one thing we would recommend would be avoiding doing high-intensity exercise close to your session so you don’t feel too warm in the process since the chamber can feel a tad humid for some people until it reaches enough pressure.

How long is each session?

You can choose between sessions of 25 mins, 50 mins, or 75 mins.
Our therapies have been designed so that you can accommodate a session whenever it suits you best, be it during a lunch break, early in the morning, or later in the evening to finish off your day.

How often do you recommend doing it?

In theory, you should always aim to listen to your body and come as frequently as you like. We recommend doing 2 sessions of 50 – 75 mins per week for general wellbeing maintenance or 5 sessions of 50 – 75 mins per week for deeper healing, recovery and repair. 


Age reversing. Improves concentration, memory and mind clarity. Boosts immune system.

All oxygen & hydroxy sessions are bookable for 25 / 50 / 75 min.


Unlimited Monthly

€ 330,-

3x Pack

€ 200,-

Single Treatment

€ 39,-